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Judge and Gavel

Civil and Criminal Laws

Our court practice comprises of Civil and Criminal litigation. Members of our team are specialized in criminal trial, defence and appellate/ revisional remedies. In Civil litigation, we have expertise in original side matters including high valued commercial suits and Arbitration.

Civil Litigation

  1. Matrimonial disputes such as Divorce proceedings, both Mutual as well as contested, Restitution of Conjugal rights, Judicial Separation and Dowry cases. Represent clients in Maintenance and child custody petitions.

  2. Writ petitions, appeals, special leave petitions, transfer petitions, petition for violation of fundamental rights and other constitutional issues, etc.

  3. Partition suits, suits for declaration and permanent injunction, cancellation of sale deeds, etc.

  4. Represent clients before Courts in matters pertaining to land acquisition matters.

  5. Representation before Labour Courts, Labour Commissioner, Industrial Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunals, etc.

  6. Drafting and reviewing of arbitration clauses in contracts and arbitration agreements. Drafting of statement of claims, rejoinders, interim applications, replies, affidavits etc. and other legal documentation.

  7. Appearing before Arbitral Tribunals and assist in the execution of arbitral awards. Also assist in challenging arbitral awards before higher authorities.

  8. Recovery of money suits including summary suits.

  9. Represent clients in matters pertaining to recovery of immovable property, movable property, execution of foreign degrees in India and many more.

  10. File petitions before Courts for obtaining Succession Certificate, probate of will, Letters of Administration, etc.

  11. Motor accident claims before Motor Accident Claim Tribunals. Handle insurance claims, personal injury claims, etc.

  12. Representation before District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, State Commission as well as National Commission in all grievances pertaining to deficient goods and services, medical negligence cases.

  13. Representations before the appellate tribunal under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Green Tribunal and other forums and bodies Pan India.

Corporate Litigation

  1. Drafting and Handling of winding up petitions, petitions under mismanagement and oppression, disputes related to Mergers and Acquisitions, etc.

  2. Represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings.

  3. Representation before Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, AIFR, BIFR, etc.

  4. Handle matters related to Tax evasion bankruptcy, financial & securities, healthcare and insurance fraud, violations pertaining to the environment, etc.

  5. Handle disputes related to Insider trading, False and misleading advertising, evasion of corporate taxes, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

Criminal Litigation

  1. Representation before the Supreme Court, all High Courts, Districts Courts, tribunals, forums, commissions all over the country in all criminal litigation matters.

  2. Draft and review Petitions for quashing of FIR’s.

  3. Handle writs pertaining to criminal complaints.

  4. Handle section 138, Negotiable Instrument Act, complaints.

  5. Handle bail applications, appeals, interim applications, revision petitions, application for suspension of sentence etc.

  6. Assist in frauds pertaining to credit cards, phone and telemarketing, cyber-crimes and frauds on the internet.

  7. Handle disputes pertaining to fraud and forgery case.

  8. Assist in suits for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds, FEMA violations, cheating, smuggling and violation of foreign exchange.

  9. Handle cases related to Narcotics and Drugs violations.

  10. Handle cases pertaining to violation of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws, data theft and piracy laws

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